What pigments can be used for resin art?

What pigments can be used for resin art?

Do you enjoy making resin products? If you’ve answered yes, this ones for you! We have all seen the captivating resin products that are flying around our social media but ‘what pigments can be used for resin art’?

Their are so many wonderful pigments choices, which one you choose all depends on how you work,  what you want from the pigment and the end result you’re hoping to achieve.

  1. Mica Powder 

Micra powder is a popular choice of pigment used for resin art. Mica is a natural stone with shiny flakes, they will give a shimmery and metallic effect.They are slightly harder to work with as take quite a bit of slow, consistent mixing.

  • Black Diamond Pigments – (Made of high-quality pure mica powder), check out their website Black Diamond Pigments,It is popular for it’s quality, affordability, and the incredible colour choices on offer. An extra bonus is that they are also vegan products. Black diamond products are also super pigmented, which means a little will go a very long way.

2. Pigment Powder 

Pigment powders are ground up colours, they are wonderful at coloring your projects – Note they are not sparkly.

Mica Powder

Powder pigments

Both Mica powder and Pigment powder are amazingly simple to use: you don’t need to be an expert!

3. Resin pigment Colorant (Liquid)

Every artist enjoys working differently; everyone has their own preference. Therefore some artists prefer for work with liquids as they are easier to mix, finding them more easy to work with. Colorants are also great to mix together, creating new colour combinations and shades. A great choice for any artist who likes to experiment. – These vibrant, bold colours are all cruelty free. Always allow extra curing time when using liquid pigments, and remember using too much will increase your curing time.

4. Alcohol Ink 

‘Lets Resin’ is among the most popular alcohol ink sets you can purchase, especially online. Alcohol inks work beautifully with epoxy resin; offering extremely brilliant, quality colours. They are used due to the ‘ WOW’ effects they can create on a resin product- simply beautiful! There are also so many fabulous colours available.

Where we buy our resin  

We buy all our resin from Fibreglass Supplies Epoxy Resin Online, We love working with their products, they work thoroughly well with all the pigments and achieve breathtaking pieces. Check out our Instagram By Charles to see our work. If you want more information on the products we use, or for a genuine chat about a resin project, contact us By Charles We would loved to hear from you.

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