What is the best wood to use for a resin table?

What is the best wood to use for a resin table?

We’ve all seen those breathtaking resin tables, whether on social media or in person. Resin products, especially resin tables have so many of us in awe due to how versatile it is, and how wonderfully creative you can be with it- simple inspiring!.

Resin brings out the artist in all of us, with so many wanting to have a go at making their own resin tables, (Have a read of How to make a resin table).

We may all have an finished design in our head, and want to make that design a reality. To enable us to make sure our finish piece is to the standard and quality we have imagined, we need to make sure we are using the best quality of products. With resin tables, the wood we choose is vital; the key element.

Best woods to use 

When choosing the wood for your resin table projects, ideally the flattest piece of live edge wood is the best to use.

  • Yew (Taxus baccata) A hardwood used for many woodwork projects, It is stable wood which means it doesn’t distort much with moisture and content changes. Making it a great choice for resin projects.

Yew Wood

  • Elm – The wood that is highly prized for it’s aesthetic beauty and durability. Elm wood is used for many projects due to it’s water- resistance, making it an valuable piece of wood.
  • Oak – Oak wood has incredible strength and hardness. It is a wood that is very resistant to insect and fungal attack, due to it’s high tannin content. So depending on where your table is for, this could be a brilliant choice.

Oak Wood

  • Black Walnut – The most valuable and unique hardwood, which offers a low stiffness feature, meaning it is great for bending. It has amazing stability and polishes beautifully. Perfect for any resin table.

As you can see there are some marvellous wood choices. Deciding which wood is the best for your resin table, may feel overwhelming.  If you would like to speak  with the resin table experts, then look no further. The team at  By Charles are one hand to help you – they are awesome!. Get in touch for a friendly resin chat, their enthusiasm and knowledge is enough to pump anyone’s excitement up.

To see the stunning work produced by By Charles, pop offer and give them a follow on Instagram By Charles  you will not be disappointed.










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