What can you make from resin?

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Resin products are very much on- trend, and we completely understand why.

It is a fantastic product that offers you so much diversity, uniqueness, personality and lets not forget how fun and creative it can be. Resin products differentiates from anything else on the market, Taylor made for your needs and requirements, making them a must-have product. But what can you actually make from resin?

This is where the beauty of the product comes in, showing the versatility of products you can make, with the correct material and work-space. Here are some examples:

  • tables
  • floors
  • wine bottle/glass holders
  • Coasters
  • Chopping boards
  • Candles and even jewellery

If you want to be really adventurous and have a completely different piece of furniture, something outside the box. Why not try a resin headboard? This unique piece will definitely be the talking point.

Incredible just how much you can make right? and this is just a very small handful – The list is endless, you name it, resin can make it!



The great thing about resin, is that you can easily personalise it, making it a unique product made for you. Here is an idea for you to see how personal and creative you can be with resin:

Have you ever had a bunch of flowers that you wished you could keep forever, maybe your wedding bouquet?  Well guess what, you can!!.

By using clear resin, any object can be used to create uniqueness, and make the product personal to you. This is why we love what we do, it’s just another awesome thing about working with resin. Using sentimental things of our clients, like flowers and creating beautiful pieces of memories our clients can cherish and keep forever, maybe even be used as a family heirloom



Whatever product you decide to make, you need to make sure you are using the correct resin and materials to create the best experience and end product. Their are many different types of resin that can be used, it all depends on the product you are making and the effect/end result you want to achieve. You have:

  • Epoxy – Very durable and versatile making it the go-to product for a large number of projects.
  • Casting – Used to fill hollow areas or void in a piece made from wood or metal and to completely submerge an item.
  • Coating – Used to coat and item or service and provide a heavy-duty protective surface, and to seal floors.

If incorrect products are used, it could effect the end result of the product and cause disappointment. To prevent this, we recommend purchasing all products from ‘specialists’, it may cost more, but you have the piece of mind you are purchasing the correct items.

You also need to make sure you have the right working environment, ensuring full curing time, you need to work at a warm temperature of around 24C. The work area also has to be well ventilated.



You’ve happen to stumble across one of the most respected resin table makers in the UK. ‘By Charles’ specialises in custom tables and bespoke furniture. We have a lot of experience and expertise with resin and we love sharing our knowledge with you. For more on what we do, please see our YouTube Channel Charlie Williams – YouTube

If you like anything you see, why not take a look at our current stock CURRENT STOCK – By Charles

If you have a table idea in mind and you can’t see it on our ‘current stock’, please contact our friendly expert team by following this link  CONTACT – By Charles. Complete the form or giving us a call.

Your resin journey is waiting for you.

blue epoxy river table

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