Design Process

Design Process For Resin Tables & Bespoke Furniture

The Process:

Design Process For Resin Tables and Bespoke Furniture:

You can choose how involved you wish to be in the process, and we welcome your creative ideas, suggestions and questions.
We guide you through each stage and keep you updated on the progress with before, during and after photographs.

There are a few things we need to know:

Then the creativity begins in choosing:

Do you already have something mind? Or would you like to know what is possible?
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Step 1: Perfecting the wood – With an eye for detail, each plank is thoroughly stripped of bark, before being sanded to ensure an impeccably smooth finish.

Step 2: Seal the wood – It’s impossible to find wood free of cracks or porous areas, so we use a specialist formula to allow the wood to rival factory-made alternatives when it comes to a flawless finish. Each bump, crack and uneven texture is perfected with the finest quality of unpigmented epoxy resin.

Step 3: Build a mould – Based on your specifications, an expertly-crafted mould is created, with ultimate precision to ensure the mould is even throughout, with a release agent applied after.

Step 4: Use the mould – As your new dining table comes together, it’s time for the wood to meet the mould, using advanced artisanship to ensure the resin refrains from leaking.

Step 5: Mix the resin – To ensure your dining table lasts for a lifetime, we carefully curate the resin with our optimal ratio; The By Charles touch.

Step 6: Colour the resin – It’s time to get creative, taking into account client preferences to create the stunning water effect that we’re known for. A process which requires ultimate craftsmanship and exactness.

Step 7: Design the resin – The step which determines the finished product, the finest quality of resin is met with exceptional artistry to deliver exceptional results.

Step 8: The finishing touches – Once removed from the mould, the edges are sanded to offer the ultra-soft finish lauded by our clients, as well as oiled and polished to preserve your new piece for decades to come. A process that demands time and attention, paving the way for a masterpiece, ready to arrive at your doorstep.

Hex Resin Table
Resin Table hexagon