Make a Statement - Unique Tables Handcrafted by Charles.

Statetment Piece Table By Charles

Your bespoke dining table isn’t just a piece of furniture, it’s a piece of art and that is our expertise. We love designing truly bespoke tables for our discerning clients.

Every table is a one-off, unrivaled quality, with the upmost attention to detail.

My mission is simple; to deliver unique statement pieces of furniture designed beyond the realms of your imagination, pieces where passion and beauty are infused with elegance and intuition. 

A contemporary spin on rustic décor, hand-crafted resin river bespoke dining tables will transform your home, bringing in nature to your living space. 

We love turning your vision into a reality, each piece is designed by artisans using cutting-edge techniques to ensure durability.

Tailored to meet your exact specifications, we aim to create pieces that revamp your home, using sustainably sourced materials to produce hard-wearing epoxy resin tables to truly enthral. A conversation-starter, head-turner and statement piece, bringing an air of understated luxury

Bespoke Dining Table By Charles

Years of experience curiously crafting​
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Bespoke pieces of furniture built​
Skilled craftsman. That's me, Charles​, Nigel and Martin.

Statement Piece Tables - An Example Piece

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Meet Charles

Over 20 years of experience, curiously crafting beautiful bespoke designs, nurturing every detail.

Charles loves solving unusual design problems, creating new visual solutions, and dancing (badly). 


From Ginsters to the House of Fraser and his myriad of personal clients, he’s brought a huge range of design concepts to life. But he doesn’t do things by the book. With a mechanical engineering background, Charles takes a structural and humanistic approach. He puts the user at the heart of every design, balancing their needs with each piece’s functional requirements.


“To me, great design is practical. It starts with breaking things down to their simplest form, finding the straightest line from A to B. Anything superfluous makes me feel uneasy. I frequently have heated debates on how things can be done better with less stuff.”

Bespoke Resin Tables By Charles

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Using the finest quality materials, coupled with expert skill and care, each piece is made to last. A generational treasure, withstanding the test of time.

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