Single Slab Dining Table

You know the old saying, “never judge a book by its cover”? Well it’s true for dining tables, too. Yes, we have all seen those traditional wooden dining tables that are long and rectangular in shape with four chairs around them. But this is not your only option! The modern single slab wood dining table has exploded on to the scene and people are loving it! This type of dining table is completely different from what you might expect and can be used in many different ways in any home or restaurant setting.

This is a modern dining table that showcases the beauty of wood. It’s not just for show either; this single slab dining table can be used as an actual eating surface! These are when you truly get a sense of what goes into making one of these tables, not on a work level, but how a beautiful the oak really is, this tree has spent just over 100 years on this earth, now preserved for 100 years more.


It’s not just a table, it’s art. And if you’re looking to grab the perfect piece of that for your home or restaurant setting look no further than this single slab dining table!

Single Slab Dining Tables – What You Need To Know:


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    • So we offer the trapezium,

The finishing touch

The Finishing Touch: We have spent a lot of time testing several types of finish, and spent hours perfecting our process, simply to offer a durable finish. This finish keeps the wood looking and feeling very natural, we have several ways types of finish, natural, defined, abyis. Samples

Creating the Perfect Table Top

What kind of edge do you want for your tabletop? There are three choices: live edge, straight edge, and chamfered. Each option has its own unique style that will help define the overall look of the piece to suit your personal tastes. Live Edge is a tactile edge that follows the natural curvature of the tree trunk, Straight Edge is square and straight giving it a more contemporary style while Chamfered features slightly angled edges with a softer appearance.

DIMENSIONS- Your perfect size for your space

Do you need a table that is customized to fit your space? Whether it’s an office, living room, or dining room, we can build the perfect custom table for you. That means that every table is built to order so you can get the size and shape that will work best in your space. Below are our standard sizes but if there is something outside of these limits please contact us!


Luxurious, Sleek Table Fits Any Room: Hand-Welded Steel Legs.

A table can make or break a room. When looking for the perfect piece of furniture to complete your décor, you need to find something that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and durable. This is why we at by Charles are proud to offer our hand-welded steel table legs. All of our products are made with care and precision which ensures that they will last for years (and generations) to come.

"By Charles Aftercare at Your Home: We’ll take Care of the Piece You Love.

Your family will be enjoying the beauty of your new table every time they sit down for dinner, so it’s important that you take care of it. Charles Aftercare at Your Home offers a nationwide service to make sure that your table retains its stunning beauty for many years. We provide a vital aftercare service in order to give you complete peace of mind with regards to owning this beautiful piece by Charles.