Giant Redwood Dining Table

Giant Redwood Dining Table

Giant redwood dining table – The table that can offer exceptional space for the whole family. 

Have you ever wanted a table that can offer generous space for the whole family? Somewhere that whole family will love spending time?

You’re in luck! – You happen find yourself on a website of bespoke furniture masterminds: creating exquisite pieces to suite any needs. (Check out our work at Instagram, and don’t forget to hit that follow button or see whats available in our CURRENT STOCK )

As the bespoke furniture gurus’ we have had the pleasure of designing and creating many unique tables, but for us the giant redwood dining table has to be one of our favourites. A table that is truly incredible, made from one of the largest trees to grow on the planet. A table that knows how to make its presence felt.

Giant Redwood

So we know that Giant Redwood is one of the largest trees to grow on the planet and it makes superlative tables. But what actually is Giant Redwood?

Giant Redwood

The Giant Sequoia also known as the giant redwood has a large conical crown with upright branches at the top of the tree and hanging branches lower down. The needles are small and scale like, and its bark is a soft, reddish- brown.

The biggest individual Giant Redwood is named ‘ General Shearman’ and has a circumference near the ground of 31.1 metres. It is often referred to the ‘ largest living thing on earth’. – The Giant Redwood is neither the tallest nor the thickest at the base, it get it title from its total trunk volume.

Why consider a Giant Redwood Dining Table? 

Not only can the Giant redwood dining table provide unbelievable space, the top of the table is remarkable durable. He is a table where you can chop your veggies or meats without worrying about damaging the table. (How many tables can you say that about?)

This table is made from finest materials and constructed with care by skilled craftsman, a table that is designed to stand up to whatever throws at it – kids, pets. parties – you name it!

If you have a table design that you would like to discuss, please get in CONTACT . We would love to discuss your idea further – Remember not design/idea is too wacky! and you and your home deserve furniture that looks good and last a long time. 

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