Different types of river tables 

Different types of river tables 


Different types of river tables – The amazing thing with resin is the variety of design and shapes are endless, giving you the option to unleash your inner artist and show off your creative side.

With many table designs and shapes being created, there are two popular ones that lies within the resin table family.



What is a river table? – A river table is a durable, quality piece of  wood that is split into two halves, with the rough edge being placed inwards to create a river effect.  A ‘resin river’ will then separate the two, resin flowing through the middle it gives the table a bespoke finish. There are a variety of river tables depending on the purpose/function and the finish appearance wanted:

waterfall river table


There are different types of wood used for river tables, which wood used depends of the finish effect you are looking for, for example:

  • Live Edge – This is where a table is designed according to the way the wood looks in nature – usually with a rough edge effect finish.
  • Straight Edge – This is square and straight edge, giving the table a more contemporary style.
  • Knife Edge – Slightly angles edges with a softer appearance

live edge river table


How we can help you? – We are the bespoke resin super hero’s who thrive off making wonderful resin tables. Do you have a creative project in mind and would like to talk about how we can make it a real piece, or do you have a question about a river table? We would love to hear from you. CONTACT  

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