Bespoke Conference Tables

Bespoke Conference Tables

Bespoke conference tables – Do you have a brand new office space you need to fill? Are you looking for something unique and different; a statement piece of furniture to show off and to complete your office look? Well keep reading because we may just have the perfect thing for you.

What are Bespoke conference tables 

Have you ever thought about a custom – built table? Or did you even know you could get one? Although you may be thinking ‘ this sounds pricey’ there are many benefits that make them worth every penny.  Firstly, you can design them to be tailed to your style and size; Meaning you will have a quirky one off piece of furniture that fits beautifully in the required space and meets the business needs, sparking conversation with anyone’s eyes it comes in contact with. A fabulous Ice – breaker/ rapport builder.

A table can make or break a room, so investing in one that’s been custom-built and designed to the business theme seems like a no brainer.

conference table

What we can do 

Our expert designers have extensive experience of creating personalised boardroom furnishings, so no design is too big or small or too outrageous; The whacker the better we say!

Along side our overwhelming knowledge and experience, we also have access to the largest slabs of timber in the UK – which is incredible at helping to make breathtaking centre-pieces. As well as having access to the largest slabs of timber, we also have a huge range of timbers and man-made stone surfaces; if you’re not ‘wowed’ by this, we also work with:

  • Acrylic
  • Steel
  • Glass

and lets not forget Resin. With all these fantastic materials at your finger tips, there is no limited on your creative side. Are you ready to unleash your inner artist side and put our expertise to the test in designing your centre-piece? We love a challenge!

If you want more information on bespoke conference tables check out Bespoke Conference Table or get in CONTACT for a no obligation chat. We would love to hear your design!

If you are interested in what we do – check out the tables we make, head over to our  Instagram  and while you’re there hit that follow button.

(If you’re now hooked on bespoke/resin tables, have a look at Blacktail Studio, we find their videos fascinating and highly recommend a watch)

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